SunTrac and North Park Innovations Announce Joint OEM Program

January 22, 2018














Tempe, AZ USA and Ellicottville, NY USA


SunTrac USA (SunTrac) and North Park Innovations (NPI) announced an OEM partnership to promote and distribute SunTrac Hybrid Climate Systems featuring NPl's iManifold® performance monitoring packages, including the iManifold Cloud Platform, which provides in-depth HVAC system performance data, maintenance and repair alerts, and comprehensive reports.


SunTrac has also announced that, beginning in January 2018, all SunTrac Dealers and Installers in the US and worldwide will begin utilizing NPl's iManifold and iConnect® Systems for SunTrac Hybrid Climate System installations, commissioning, troubleshooting and repair activities.   In addition, NPI is now a master distributor selling the SunTrac product offering.


As leaders in their fields, NPI and SunTrac believe that this combination of systems creates the most efficient hybrid HVAC systems and diagnostic programs available today. This OEM partnership provides both organizations with new technology and opportunities: NPI now has access to a new market segment (hybrid cooling and heating systems) with SunTrac, and SunTrac can now incorporate cutting-edge HVAC diagnostics and monitoring technology into SunTrac Systems with iManifold & iConnect equipment and cloud platforms.


SunTrac CEO Rich Cooley stated "At SunTrac, we are very excited to be partnering with North Park Innovations (NPI) and their iManifold and iConnect systems. NPI is a true technology leader in the field of HVAC performance monitoring and diagnostics, and we are pleased that NPI has selected SunTrac as a product and technology partner. With SunTrac's OEM integration of iManifold technology into our Hybrid Climate Systems, we believe that we now have a powerful business advantage that equips our team of professionals to offer an innovative and responsive hybrid/renewable HVAC system to the industry. After working with the iManifold System in SunTrac installations throughout the world, I now understand why NPI calls iManifold "The Platform for Productivity." Together we will be offering these combined systems to contractors and consumers throughout world, continuing SunTrac's mission of "Changing the way the world cools.""


Bill Northrup, CEO of NPI, added: "We are honored to have been selected to provide the data gathering and analytic solution for SunTrac's innovative technology. I look forward to deploying our systems globally and being part of this revolutionary product and team."






About SunTrac USA


SunTrac  USA  is headquartered  in  Tempe,  AZ,  and  provides  Hybrid  Climate  Systems  for residential and commercial applications worldwide. SunTrac manufactures a patented solar thermal panel system (U.S. Patent #7665459) designed for integration with these residential

& commercial HVAC systems, and is featured in all SunTrac Hybrid HVAC Systems. The SunTrac System utilizes renewable solar thermal energy to create HVAC system energy savings of up to 40%. Our revolutionary Solar Thermal Panel creates affordable optimum thermal energy combined with precise temperature controls - an HVAC first!


For more information, contact:

Rich Cooley, CEO SunTrac USA

2127 S. Priest Drive, Suite 404

Tempe, AZ 85282

Telephone: +1-480-999-6091   Fax: +1-480-999-6064


Facebook: /suntracusa   Twitter: @SunTracUSA   Instagram: @SunTracUSA


About North Park Innovations Group, Inc.



Headquartered in Ellicottville, NY, North Park Innovations is best known for the iManifold.  First introduced in 2014, the iManifold is a revolutionary, patented digital manifold. The iManifold platform allows HVAC contractors to more accurately and quickly read data and diagnose system issues. The iManifold comes with a free app that includes basic reporting.  Additional advanced reporting and other features are offered with the iManifold Cloud subscription, providing easy sharing and better connectivity.   Today, the patented iManifold platform is used by thousands of technicians in (19) countries on (5) continents, has won numerous industry awards, and is used in HVAC equipment commissioning by global OEMs.


For more information, contact:

Lori Northrup, North Park Innovations Group, Inc.

Telephone: +1-716-474-7580

See for further product info.

Facebook: /iManifoldX          Twitter: @iManifoldX        YouTube: /c/iManifold




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